Jal Mahal Jaipur

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Jal Mahal Jaipur

Jal Mahal  ( The Water Palace Jaipur )

During the monsoon when water fills the Man Sagar, the Jal Mahal or “water palaces ” rises like a mirage from the calm waters of the lake. Built in the mid-18th century by Madho Singh I, it was based on the Lake Palace at Udaipur where the king spent his childhood. Later it was used as a lodge for duck shooting parties, and even today, a large number of waterbirds can be sighted here. A terrace garden is enclosed by arched passages, and at each corner is a semi-octagonal tower capped by an elegant cupola.

ENVIRONS: Sawai Jai Singh II performed a number of Vedic yanas on the western banks of Man Sagar. Dating to that period are traces of a Yagna Stambha (“pillar”) where he performed a horse sacrifice, and the Kala Hanumanji, a temple dedicated to the wellknown monkey god. To the north of Jal Mahal is the splendidly restored Kanak Vrindavan Temple dedicated to Krishna where the image of Govind Derv  was lodged before it was taken to the City Palace This picturesque complex with its well-landscaped gardens, fountains and pavilions makes a  popular picnic spot.

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