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OF ALL RAPUTANA states , this was the smallest. It was established in the early 17th century by Kisban Singh, a Rathore prince from Jodhpur, on lands near Ajmer. The king’s sister was one of Jahangir’s wives , a privilege that gave him a special status at the Mughal court. An obvious outcome of this proximity was that the Kishangarh kings tried to emulate the cultured lifestyle of the Mughal emperors, and when the arts lost imperial patronage under the leadership of the austere Aurangzeb, this tiny state became a haven for several migrant miniature painters.

The old city is certainly worth exploring as it.remains much as it was in the past. The narrow streets are lined with bevel is, some of which have been converted into shops, and on the pavements are vendors selling all kinds of merchandise, including the red chillies for which the region is famous. The Phool Mahal, a privately-owned palace now a heritage hotel. has an idyllic setting on the banks of a lake that attracts a variety of waterbirds . Shady balconies, courtyard gardens and brass doors flanked by paintings hint at its past glory.

Phool Mahal

Roopangarh Fort, 25 km (15 miles) from Kishangarh, was once the capital of the state. Among the riches of this splendid heritage hotel is a rare collection of the famous Kishangarh miniatures.

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