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Ramgarh, on the banks of a man-made lake, is the site of me of the earliest  fortresses if the Kachhawa has. It was built by the dynasty’s founder, Duleh  Rai (r.1093-1135), after lie defeated the local Meenas by attacking them on a Diwali night when they were forbidden to carry weapons. A temple dedicated to the goddess Jamvai Mata, whose divine intervention is said to have led to his victory, was also constructed by him. This temple is visited by thousands of devotees all through the year.

The lake itself was created in the late 19th century when Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob planned the construction of a dam across the Banganga River, and was, until recently, Jaipur’s main source of drinking water. On its northern bank is Ramgarh Lodge, an elegant French villa-style hunting lodge built in 1931 for the Jaipur royal family, and now a pleasing heritage hotel. Ramgarh is a tranquil retreat for those who wish to escape from the city. Its Polo Club is among one of the best in the country for polo lovers.

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