Rural Life With villagers comprising more than half its population, Rajasthan is said to live in its villages. As simplest of hamlets, the village represents the most basic form of civilization with a way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries.    Visions of the people change as one move from one region to another, be it the landscape, the houses, the language or the very basic things as the clothes they wear or the food they eat.

Rajasthan house
Rajasthan house


People make huts, whether circular or with thatched roofs, as their adobe, with whatever precious little that is available around. They cover their walls with a plaster of clay, cow dung and hay, making the hut termite free with a facet that blends in with the sand of the countryside around it.

To add color, women make decorative facades in such huts by creating a texture in the plaster, or using simple lime colors to create vibrant patterns at the entrance and outside the kitchen.

Inside these kitchens, the stove where the cooking is done is wood fired. Over this stove, set into the floor, women cook the relatively frugal meal that mostly includes unleavened breads with spicy paste called chutney and yogurt curry (Karhi). The desert’s dry terrain is capable of producing very little, yet rural Rajasthanis have given birth to many cooking techniques that can now be felt in the famous Rajasthani cuisine.

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