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THIS ENCHANTING SPOT 15¬† midway between Alwar and Sariska National Park. The 10.5 sq km (4 sq miles) Siliserh Lake, in a valley bounded in by low forested hills, is still the main reservoir supplying water to Alwar and the surrounding¬† area. Perched on a hillock overlooking the lake is the water palace built in the mid- 19th century by the king of Alwar, Vinay Singh, for his beautiful wife, a local village girl, so that she could be near her family home. This oncegrand palace is now a hotel and an ideal place for a quiet getaway, as the only sounds one hears are those made by cormorants, ducks and other waterbirds. Pathways lead up the foothills and around the lake where the remains of old cenotaphs still stand. From the palace’s open terrace there are wonderful views of the sun setting over the lake.

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