Kumbhalgarh in Udaipur


In the 8th Century, Bapa Rawal founded the state of Mewar and his descendents from the clan of Suryavanshi Sisodia’s have ruled Mewar since then. The family trace their origin from the Sun God and Lord Rams elder son Lav.
Chittaurgarh was the capital of Mewar. The Sisodia’s and under them other Rajputs fought bravely to defend Chittaurgarh. Among many wars the battles of Allaudin Khilji and Emperor Akbar are well know.
Maharana UdaiSingh in the year 1537, because of strategic reasons built Udaipur as his capital.


Udaipur is called the city of lakes. There are beautiful places to see in Udaipur like the Lake Palace on Jag Niwas Island in the middle of Pichola Lakes, the grand City Palace on the banks of the lake which compliment the palace. In 1568 Maharana Udai Singh II founded Udaipur.  Udaipur is surrounded by Aravali Ranges and has greenery and lakes.

There are various places to see in Udaipur:-


The City Palace Udaipur is situated by the side of Lake Pichola. The Palace was started by Maharana Udai Singh thereafter the other Maharanas added several palaces and structures to the magnificent complex. Hati Pol is the entry to the Palace. The Bari Pol or the Big gate takes you to the Tripolia, balconies and towers surmount the palace which gives a wonderful view of the lake Pichola. The Mor Chawk is the peacock square which has gained its name from the  blue mosaic in glass of a peacock that is in the walls.
The main part of the palace is now converted to a museum with different artifacts which are of tourist interest.


The Fateh Prakash Palace is an architecture depicting  Luxury, warmth and the grand heritage. This palace owned by the HRH group. The suites which are facing the lake facing are much in demand.

It’s a legacy which is well maintained.  since the early decades of the twentieth century when Maharana Fateh Singh during 1884 – 1935. Even today the warmth and traditions are kept alive.

Maharana Udai Singh enlarged the lake after he founded the city. There is also a  masonry dam known as Badipol. It is indeed a very picturesque lake which has the Jag Niwas Island and the Jag Mandir. On the eastern banks of the Lake Pichola is the City Palace of Udaipur.

Jag mandir was used as the hideout for Prince Khurram, who later was known as emperor Shah Jahan.  It is situated on the other side of the island palace in Lake Pichola, The island has very intricate carvings. Within the palace there is also a temple dedicated to the Lord Jagdish.

Situated on the Jag Niwas Island is the Lake Palace which spans about 1.5 hectare of the island amidst  Pichola Lake. The Lake palace was built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1743 as a royal summer palace. Today is converted in to a five star palace hotel. Tourists from across the world visit the Lake Palace to add to their mesmerizing memories of Rajasthan.

During 1651, Maharana Jagat Singh I builit this called Jadish temple, the largest and  most splendid temple of Udaipur  which enshrines Lord Vishnu. The craft inside the temple is worth viewing.

Maharana Pratap Memorial (MOTI MAGARI)
The Bronze statue of Maharana Pratap and his favorite and loyal horse Chetak is located at the
top of Moti Magri.

Created in the 17th century by Maharana Raj Singh. On the dam there are white marble Chattris(arches) which have Mewar history engraved on black marble.

Surrounded by hills and woodland is the Fatesh Sagar Lake which was constructed by Maharana jai Singh. This lake is an artificial lake built  in 1678, it was again constructed by Maharana Fateh Singh in his style. There is also a linking canal which links two lakes. There is also a solar observatory situated in one of the island.

The word Shipgram means “Craftsmen’s Village” is a museum which depicting diverse arts, craft and the rich culture of Udaipur and surrounding areas. It also display some of the finest terracotta work and wooden carvings.

About 2 kms in the east of Udaipur is a highly impressive cluster of cenotaphs there are about nineteen in number cenotaphs of Maharanas who are cremated here.
Nearby is also Ahar Museum which display a rare variety of earthen pottery, sculptures and archeological findings.

The  grand limousines & cars showcased in Garden Hotel belongs to Royal House of Mewar and are in perfect working conditions. The magnificent Rolls Royce, 1939 Cadillac, rare Mercedes models, 1936 Vauxhall, 1937 Opel & MG-TC 1946 convertible are on display.


During the 18th century this ‘Garden for maidens’ called the ‘Sahelio-ki-bari’ was built byMaharana Sangram singh. There are four pools and beautiful flowerbeds, lawns, fountains amidst walls and trees. The water flow in the garden works on the natural pressure of water. There is a lotus pool, a sitting room decorated with mosaics, paintings and fine glass work. Tourists enjoy the mesmerizing nostalgia.

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